Used Washer and Dryer Prices?


The price of a good used washer and dryer will depend on the model and how much you are willing to spend as well as its condition. However, the price ranges from 269 pounds to 479 pounds.
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A good price for a used washer and dryer will depend on the brand and the condition. On average, a used washer and dryer will cost between $250 and $500. Newer ones may cost much more, however. You can find used washer and dryers at yard sales and stores that sell used appliances. You can also often find them on Craigslist or other online sale listings. Always make sure they work before you purchase them.
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1. Pull the appliances out from the wall to check the model numbers and any identifying information printed on the back panels. If you don't know when the appliances were purchased
Normally, The Kenmore products sell for around $900.00 - $1,000 (in store) I would say they sell for around (not in store) $350- $400. Cheapest, $275. Good luck with your buy! :
It depends on the brand. For example, the best new price for a
You may want to check in the tradeing post or the classifieds or the internet or a place that sells used Appliances these would be a great to start just to see what a pair goes for.
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