What Is a Good Small Active Dog to Go with a 6 Year Old Labrador?


A chihuahua is a small active dog and will probably get along with a Labrador. I believe any dogs will get along once they spend a little time together. Just an idea, check out the local humane society and dog pound before spending lots of money on a pet. There are many of them just waiting for a home and new friends at the shelters.
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ANY small breed of dog on the face of this planet can get along with a Labrador as long as the small dog and your Lab is well trained, socialized, and taken care of. A Pomeranian
You can't totally prevent your Lab dog from being stolen but you can make it easier to find. If you have a microchip placed under the dogs skin, it will be easier to identify it.
Acoording to my nutrition class notes and calculations, an active 6kg dog needs about 690 kcals a day to maintain body weight. EVO has 3937 kcal/kg, so your dog needs 175 grams of
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