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A good snake repellent is one that has a strong odour and the snake will detect it and be repelled. Some good repellents include cinnamon oil, mot balls or sulphur. You may also keep a cat that will not only control mice but snakes as well.
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Moth balls work as snake repellents, but they are toxic to people and domestic animals. Products such as Liquid Fence Snake Repellent provide an environmentally friendly solution
To discourage them from taking up residence on your property, start by eliminating their desired environments. Make sure your lawn is mowed and not overgrown with high weeds. Cut
The best snake repellent is mothballs. Place one or two mothballs in the areas
Snake-A-Way .'m serious! Also, try not to rube mice all over your body before hitting the trail ; )
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What Are Good Snake Repellents?
Snakes have an organ called "Jacobson's organ," which they use, in addition to their tongue, as a smell receptor. They are repulsed by strong odors and will leave the area if a strong odor is detected. In addition to using a snake repellent, keep grass... More »
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Snakes are usually repulsed by strong odours and this informs the use of snake repellents. A good snake repellent should be environmentally friendly. For example, you can use Cinnamon oils or over the counter sprays. Some repellents such as sulphur could be harmful to pets and children and thus should be avoided. A good repellent should not be toxic and thus toxic ones such as moth balls should be avoided.
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Snake repellents are made to keep snakes away. To make a homemade snake repellent, you need to clean up all wood pilings and debris in your yard first. Then, spray ...
Anectodal evidence seems to suggest that mothballs have worked for some people in keeping snakes away. There does not seem to be any hard evidence that it works ...
The most common and effective dog repellent is Chilli Pepper. The capsicum in the pepper will infuriate the skin of the dog, mostly the sensitive area around and ...
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