What is a good song to sing for an audition?


Song choice is extremely important during a singing audition. A good audition song shows off the best qualities of the singing voice. Choose a song that is familiar, thoroughly memorized and comfortable to sing.

Most professionals familiar with the auditioning process emphasize how important song choice is to the success of a singing audition. Singers should have an idea of which songs bring out their best vocal qualities. All song notes must be sung clearly and on key. The words to the song should be memorized completely to avoid embarrassment.

Choosing familiar songs that fit the voice nicely allows the singer to relax and let the song flow with ease and power.

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It depends on the show. If it is something classic, such as Music Man, you would want to sing a more unique song, like Not for the Life of Me from Thoroughly Modern Millie. If it
Reach Out, I'll Be There - The Four Tops.
At my audition into an a capella group, I sang Vittoria Mio Core by Carissimi. It's an Italian song, so the pronunciation is a HUGE score if you get it right. It's also a very pretty
Missing You (My Bill) is an excellent audition piece that requires vulnerability and emotional truth
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