What Is a Good Starter Fish for A1 and a Half Gallon Fish Tank?


There are many fish that would make good starter fish for a one and a half gallon fish tank. You can put a beta into that tank. You might put a couple fancy guppies, or one small goldfish. Some people like to start with a couple swordtails or two or three tetras.
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1. Turn on the hot water on your kitchen faucet and use it to warm the aquarium heater without plugging the unit in. Do this until the glass is slightly warmer than room temperature
1. Male Betta Containers. Take your fish tank to any cleaning tank area. Put a black shirt over the tank while carrying the tank. This will help keep your fish from getting stressed
You can fit one betta in a 1 gallon tank, but nothing else.
This is a very small tank. Goldfish actually need more space and better filtration than most fish because they eat and poop a lot. One goldfish would be okay in this tank, as long
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