Substitute for Fontina Cheese in a Recipe?


There are a few cheeses that would work as a good substitute for Fontina cheese. Mild provolone cheese or gouda work as good substitutes. There is also the mild flavor of Gruyere cheese that will work as a Fontina substitute as well.
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Fontina is an Italian cheese made from cow's milk. It has actually been made in the Alps for almost a thousnad years and has quite an intense flavor.
1. Substitute a cheese that has some of the flavor of Fontina. If you're trying to find a substitution that mimics Fontina's unique flavor, look for a cheese with a mild, buttery
Mild provolone, gruyere, and gouda cheeses may all be substituted for fontina, depending on your personal preference and the other ingredients in your dish. Why such a wide range
Since Fontina is a nice semisoft melting cheese, it can
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