Substitute for Thyme?


Basil is a good substitute for thyme. You can also substitute the herb thyme with oregano, marjoram, or savory.
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Tarragon is really good for chicken, it was a sweet tangy taste to it.
this is one of my favorite recipe for quiche, I also have added baby spinach laves to this Mile High Quiche Ingredients Pastry to fit bottom and side of a 9-inch springform pan 1/
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I actually have a few recipes where if you don't want to use thyme you
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Tarragon, thyme and savory are all good substitutes for dried rosemary. In a pinch, sage is also a good replacement. For fresh rosemary, oregano or basil make ...
Ground thyme is a great substitute for dried thyme. The only difference between ground thyme and dried thyme is that ground thyme has a lot more surface area, ...
Savory can be substituted using thyme or a combination of thyme and pinch of sage or mint. Savory may be used medicinally or as a culinary. Savory is divided into ...
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