Ways to Answer for Prom?


Prom, short for promenade, is a formal gathering of high school students typically held toward the end of the senior year. There are just two ways to answer a guy who asks you to be his date for the prom; yes or no. Whatever the answer, be calm and relaxed.
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Think about your favorite romantic places - choose a meaningful spot
The same way he asked you. If it was face to face, answer him the same way.
Wear a T-shirt with big letters, YES on it.then put a bunch of sticky notes on his locker at school with YES on them in GLITTER and in different colors! You can also put some non-toxic
ummm, maybe try talking to him?
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Prom 2013
There’s a lot to consider when you’re getting ready for prom. Your hair, your makeup, whether you want to take a date… ah! Here’s a handy prom checklist that will make the preparations super easy.
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