What Is a Good Way to Start a Story?


Some of the best ways to start a story include; 'Once upon a time'Or with a twist such as Once upon a particularly terrifying time' with a question, with a sound effect? For instance 'Eeeeek,' went the brakes as the car skidded sideways or with a description of a place, a character or a smell.
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i think that you should start in the past,then you could make it a bit like a mystery like this: -She breathed deep breaths in and out, the slaves worked hard to retrieve the baby
1. Start your story in the middle of an exciting event so that the reader will not want to stop reading. If your story is about an adventure, for example, begin with your hero in
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1. Read as many short stories as you can. Though you can write your own short story whenever you want, you'll be able to write more effectively if you have read a wide variety of
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