What is a good workout plan?


According to About.com, a comprehensive workout program is one that includes flexibility, weight training and cardiovascular exercise. Beginners should start slowly with cardio and resistance exercises. Three days of cardio and two days of strength training is a good guide for novices. About.com also notes that cardio exercise is a good workout plan before weight lifting sessions.

According to Helpguide, aerobic exercises are cardio-intensive and allow more oxygen to the body, which aids in muscular endurance. When it comes to weight training, gradually using heavier weights strengthens muscles and leads to a well-toned body. At least 48 hours of body recovery are needed between weight training sessions. Slow and steady lifts are more efficient and avoid injury.

Warming up is crucial before exercising, along with a cooling down post-workout. Helpguide mentions yoga and pilates as suitable choices to achieve flexibility and stretch tight muscles. These exercises also provide focus and balance. Relaxation exercises help people in avoiding injuries during labor-intensive sessions such as lifting weights.

Walking, riding a bike and hiking are good options for people not fond of going to the gym, according to WebMD. Going to the gym and taking dance classes are suitable options for people who are more social in nature. A person should also start with a slow workout plan if he is out of shape. WebMD states that choosing an exercise plan should be based on such factors as fitness level and personality.

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