What Is a Parade Grand Marshall?


In military, Grand Marshal a rank senior to that of Field Marshal. The term can also refer to a ceremonial or political office of exceptionally high rank. It originated with the word 'Marshal', and the first usage of the term 'Grand Marshal' was as a ceremonial title for some religious orders.
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The Pasadena Rose Parade in the Tournament of Roses had Grand
Grand Marshal: One of the highest offices within the military Order of Teutonic Knights Grand Marshal: Highest elected student leader of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Grand Marshal
In religious and societal organizations, the grand marshal typically acts as a meeting chairperson or master of ceremonies for a special event. The most common duty of a grand marshal
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Parade Grand Marshall is the ceremonial title for a procession of people, usually organized along a street. Such parades are characterised by the marchers being in costume, and are normally accompanied by marching bands. A parade grand marshal may also be a military, or political officer of very high rank leading a procession of his/her subordinates.
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