What Is a Grand Narrative?


A grand narrative is a term that was introduced by Jean-Francois Lyotard in his 1979 classic work 'The Postmodern Condition'. It is a report on knowledge, which he summed up a variety of views that were being developed at the time, and as a critique of the institutional and ideological forms of knowledge.
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In critical theory and particularly postmodernism, a metanarrative (from meta-narrative,
The concept of the narrative can be traced back into all cultures from ancient times. This begins with stories and myths that were told orally or through a piece of paper. When these
In critical theory, and particularly postmodernism, a metanarrative (sometimes master- or grand narrative) is an abstract idea that is supposed to be a comprehensive explanation of
This is a way of expressing something. It is in books, and films, in which there are various narratives. It can be horror, action, suspense, comedy and action.
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