What is a grand uncle?


More commonly referred to as a great-uncle, a granduncle is the uncle of one's father or mother. Another way to describe this is that a granduncle is the brother (or brother-in-law) of one's grandparent.

The debate of "grand" versus "great" used to describe this relationship stems from its initial French use. The term "granduncle" comes from late Middle English, approximately 1400-1450 CE, from the French "grand" which was alternately translated to "grand" or "great." Additionally, the Dutch term "groot" translates to "grand" or "great." The relative can be referred to as a granduncle, a grand-uncle, a great uncle, or a great-uncle.

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Your Great Uncle's son would be your 2nd cousin.
I know you are 18 and you don't really understand the process: WHY MUST HE FIND AN HEIR? If your granduncle dies before your grandaunt = she will inherit the properties. It appears
Meaning an uncle of your father or mother Synonym(s) great-uncle (what does great-uncle mean?) Hypernyms(s) granduncle is a kind of… Example: animal is a hypernym of mammal
grand·un·cle (grndngkl) n. See great-uncle.
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an uncle of one's father or mother; a great-uncle.
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