What is a grand uncle?


A granduncle is the uncle of your father, and his wife is your grandaunt. He is the brother to your grandfather and his children are your uncles and aunts. An uncle is the brother of your father or mother, and the husband of your aunt.
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Grand Parents siblings.
I know you are 18 and you don't really understand the process: WHY MUST HE FIND AN HEIR? If your granduncle dies before your grandaunt = she will inherit the properties. It appears
Meaning an uncle of your father or mother Synonym(s) great-uncle (what does great-uncle mean?) Hypernyms(s) granduncle is a kind of… Example: animal is a hypernym of mammal
You and your first cousin have the same grandparents. You and your second cousin have the same great-grandparents. Your parent's first cousin is your first cousin once removed. Your
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an uncle of one's father or mother; a great-uncle.
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The brother of your grandfather is your granduncle. A granduncle is also called a great uncle. The brother-in-law of your grandfather is also considered your granduncle ...
One's grandmother's brother is usually called a great-uncle, in terms of familial relationships. Grand-uncle is another name for this kin, but the term isn't used ...
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