What Is a Gravimetric Factor?


A gravimetric factor is an algebraic expression that converts grams of a compound into grams of a single element. It is the ratio of the formula weight (FW) of the substance being sought to that of the substance weighed. The formula for gravimetric factor is (m * FW (Sough Substance)) divided by (n * FW (Substance Weight)) where m and n are molar masses.
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A gravimetric factor converts grams of a compound into grams of a single element. For example, we'll find the gravimetric factor of Cl in AgCl. Use the atomic mass of Ag(107.868)
( grav·ə′me·trik jē′äd·ə·sē ) (geodesy) The science that utilizes measurements and characteristics of the earth's
Gravimetric analysis, by definition,includes all methods of
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