What Is a Grease Pencil Used for?


Grease Pencils are used for marking on hard, glossy non-porous surfaces such as porcelain, glass, polished stone, plastic, ceramics and other glazed, lacquered or polished surfaces and also the glossy paper that is used for photographic printing. Grease pencils are pencils of hard grease mixed with colourings.
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1. Sharpen the pencil, using a knife or pencil sharpener. Make sure to sharpen grease pencils frequently as they dull quickly and become less visible when not sharpened. Sandpaper
Use watercolor pencils as you would a crayon. Stroke the color on a paper surface that is sturdy enough to take the addition of water. You will need to experiment with papers. A watercolor
Answer Colored Wax
n. A pencil of hard grease mixed with colorings, used especially for marking on glossy or glazed surfaces.
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