How do you identify a great niece?


A great niece is a daughter of ones niece or nephew or a granddaughter of one's sister or brother. She is a child born by the child of ones blood brother or sister in a family.
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The son or daughter of one of your siblings children is your great niece or great nephew. In other words, the grandson or granddaughter of your brother or sister is your great niece
A great-niece is a daughter of one's nephew or niece and a great-nephew is a
great-niece: a daughter of your niece or nephew
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The terms grand niece and great niece are similar in meaning. They are used to refer to the granddaughter of your brother or sister where some people prefer one ...
If the great niece is in direct lineage to the nephew, then she is his daughter, while if she is not then she will be either his sister's or brother's daughter. ...
The terms grandniece and great niece are both considered to be grammatically correct. Which term you use is up to your own language preference. In terms of family ...
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