What Is a Grill Pan?


A grill pan is a frying pan with a series of parallel ridges used for cooking food with radiant heat on a stovetop or with a metal grid in it. It is similar to a frying pan but it has raised ridges to emulate the function or look of a gridiron. It can also refer to a NATO reporting name for the fire control radar of the Russian SA-12 missile systems.
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What Is a Grill Pan?
A grill pan is a cooking pan designed to facilitate indoor grilling on a stove top. Convenient and functional, a grill pan is used to cook foods with little to no oils and to give vegetables and meats the classic grill lines at any time of the year.... More »
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1. Turn up the heat. To simulate outdoor grilling, a grill pan cooks the best at a high temperature. The ribbing, when hot, will sear the surface of the meat or vegetables and give
1 Choose a grill pan. Grill pans are available in a few different varieties, and you need to pick a grill pan that suits your needs. Grill pans are available in 2 basic sizes. The
ruddystewart Writes: "I don't have a back yard or access to an outdoor area where I can grill, and wonder if anyone can tell me how to adapt grill recipes to use on a stovetop
There are many items that one might cook using a grill pan. Items that would benefit from grilling include marinated meats, and vegetables, as well as skewered dishes.
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1. Find a disposable aluminum foil baking pan, either new or used. Choose a size you need for your grill and the amount of food you plan to cook at one time. 2 ...
1. Drain off any grease collected in the pan. 2. Clean the pan under hot running water, using a stiff nylon brush to remove any leftover food debris. 3. Dry the ...
These are neat little inventions.Must ones you buy are made to just lite it and go. You just use a long lighter to light the coals and let it burn off for a good ...
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