What Is a Gristmill?


A Gristmill is a facility or resource where grain is ground into animal feed or flour. The gristmills were crucial to the improvement of the Midwest, and without them the ancient settlers would not have been capable of feeding themselves or their livestock.
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a mill for grinding grain, especially the customer's own grain.
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the gristmill grinds wheat
1. Decide what materials to use to build the waterwheel. Early colonial waterwheels were made of oak, but even stout oak rots in a few years from water exposure. A welded steel or
A gristmill is a mill for grinding grain.
(grĭst'mĭl') n. A mill for grinding grain.
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the gristmill grinds wheat ...
A gristmill is a device that grinds grain into flour. Now days they are more commonly referred to as corn or flour mills. In earlier days, there was usually only ...
the gristmill grinds wheat ...
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