What Is a Group of Eagles Called?


A group of eagles is called raptors. Eagles are powerful predators, with sharp eyesight, light body and soaring wings. They have dagger beaks and sharp talons, which they use for hunting fish, snakes and small mammals and are among the largest bird of prey.
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Name for a group of eagles a convocation of eagles
A group of eagles is called a convocation. Keep asking questions. ChaCha
aerie, or convocation. Source(s) http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subject….
An eaglet. Embed Quote
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A group of Eagles is called a convocation.
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A group of eagles are called an aerie or a convocation. A baby eagle is referred to as a eaglet or fledgling. In 1782 the bald eagle became the national symbol of the United States.
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A baby eagle is called a eaglet. Eagles usually lay between 1-3 eggs. The incubation period is between one and one and a half months. Their nest are built high ...
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