What is a group of monkeys called?


According to Reference.com, a group of monkeys is called a troop. Monkeys live in troops comprised of several hundred individuals. These troops constantly travel searching for food.

Monkeys are a varied group of mammals of the primate order. The monkey category includes all that are not ape, human or prosimian. Common features of monkeys include sitting in an upright position, human-like faces, stereoscopic color vision, flat nails and adept climbing ability.

Monkeys have one baby at a time and keep that baby for a long period. Members of the troop aid the mother and baby. Travelling in troops keeps the monkeys protected from predators.

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Since the monkey is a primate the baby would be called an infant. Infants are helpless and need to be taken care of by the mom. They are often carried on the the mom's back from place
There are 3 terms for this: 1. A tribe of monkeys; 2. A troop of monkeys; 3. A machination of monkeys. For more collective nouns (group of ...) refer to http://www.ojohaven.com/collectives
A group of monkeys can be called a troop, cartload, barrel or tribe. Thanks for 82asking.
monkey meat. duuh.
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A group of Monkeys is called a troop.
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A group of monkeys is a cartload, tribe, troop, troupe or mission. They are highly sociable animals, living in groups that consist of several females and a male ...
Monkeys live in various locations around the world. They survive on fruits, vegetables, and meats. Most monkeys travel in groups to survive. ...
A howler monkey is slow that is why to protect itself, it stays in large groups of up to twenty monkeys per group. Although these monkeys are slow, they are good ...
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