What Is a Group of Quail Called?


A quail is a short tailed game bird. Most of the times quail is used to refer to small sized birds and a group of quail is called covey.
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A group of Quails is called a bevy.
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A group of quails is called a covey of quails.
A covey is a name for a group of quail. A covey may have as many as 100 or more,
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A group of Quails is referred to as a Bevy or a Covey. Quails are two distinctly different, though related, groups of birds within the order Galliformes. These ...
The male of a quail is known as a cock while the female is referred to as a hen. The baby of quail is known as a chick and a group of quails is known as a covey. ...
Baby quails are called cheepers or chicks. Female quails will usually lay about twelve eggs in a nest, with a group of eggs being known as a clutch. More than ...
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