What Is a Grub Worm?


Grub worms, also called lawn grubs, white grubs, or curl grubs, are little white pests that live in soil. They are the larval forms of the adult June beetle. They eat the roots of turf grass and ornamental plants. Grub worms are a common cause of lawns turning gray-green or an unattractive brown color. Grub worms also attract predatory animals such as skunks and raccoons, further damaging lawns. These insects can be a gardener's nightmare. There are chemical and natural fertilizers available that can help exterminate grub worm populations.
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Grub worms are the larvae from June bugs in early summer (June) June bugs burrow themselves in soil preferably lush lawns, lay their eggs then either fly off or die. As those eggs
One of the best ways to get your grub infestation under control is to use Milky Spore. Milky Spore will only kill the grubs and is simple to use.
Grub worms, with their white C-shaped bodies, are lawn pests that are difficult
1. Determine whether you would like to control the grubs with chemicals or natural means. If you choose chemicals, skip to Step 5. 2. Purchase nematodes from the local lawn and garden
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Grub worms are the larval stage of beetles. They are commonly found under the ground chewing on the roots of your lawn and decorative plants. You can find more info at: insects.tamu.edu
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Grub worms are the larvae of the May or June beetle, and they are frequent lawn pests that are very hard to control. The worms are mostly found in the top soil ...
There are different products and methods available to kill grub worms. There are pre-made products that you can buy in the store or remedies you can make with ...
There a many ways to get rid of grub worms. The natural ways of getting rid of the worms include Neem oil, milky spores or Nematodes. There are chemical treatments ...
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