What Is a Haematoma?


Haematoma is an accumulation of blood that has leaked into the tissues as a result of ruptured blood vessels, normally as a result of injury. Common haematomas occur around under nails, fractures, and in the tissues around an eye.
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A hematoma or haematoma, is an extravasations' of blood outside the blood vessels, generally the result of haemorrhage. A hematoma is a pocket or localized collection of blood usually in liquid form within the tissue. This distinguishes it from an ecchymosis, which is the spread of blood under the skin in a thin layer, commonly called a bruise.
A collection of blood in body tissue, caused by bleeding from a damaged blood vessel. It causes a swelling. In minor injuries, the blood is absorbed unless infection develops. Contusions and black eyes are familiar forms of hematoma.
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hematoma's,is what can occur after your blood has been drawn.
Haematoma:1:a localized swelling filled with
haematoma: a localized swelling filled with blood
A subdural haematoma can occur at any age. However some people are more at risk of developing a subdural haematoma after a head injury: Older people . In people over the age of 60
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A haematoma is defined as being a localized area that is swollen and filled with blood. The most common type of haematoma is a blood blister. The skin becomes ...
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A lump under a bruise located on your arm could be anything from a haematoma to a water blister that can be drained by a doctor or dermatologist. It can also be ...
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