How Is a Hanging Valley Formed?


A hanging valley refers to a valley that is eroded by a tributary glacier to the trunk glacier in the main trough. The thickness of the tributary is not the same as that of the main valley thus when melting occurs, one valley is at higher level than the other.
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hanging valley
a valley, the lower end of which opens high above a shore, usually caused by the rapid erosion of a cliff.
a tributary valley whose mouth is set above the the floor of the main valley, usually as a result of differences in glacial erosion.
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Similar to rivers, glaciers have tributaries. However as the main glacier erodes deeper into the valley, the tributary is left higher up the steep sides of the glacier. These U-shaped
n. A tributary valley that joins a main valley where the latter has been deepened, usually by glacial erosion, resulting in a steep drop from the floor of the tributary valley to
When the glaciers melt, the tributary troughs are left as hanging v...
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A steep bluff on the side of a glacial trough, protruding between tributary, possibly hanging valleys. This landform is the result of mainly vertical glacial erosion ...
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