What Is a Happy Ending after a Massage?


According to the Urban Dictionary, a happy ending after a massage is an act of manual or oral sex. It can also be used to mean getting a full rub down by the masseuse.
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It is a massage with an orgasmic climax at the end.
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a Happy ending massage is where the person massaging gives you an orgasm.usually with a hand job, but sometimes a *
When a masseuse feels inclined to finish your session with oral sex or manual release. Wow!
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A happy ending after a massage is masturbation of the client with the help of the masseuse. It is illegal to have a happy ending in the United Kingdom but legal in Thailand where the practise originated from.
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Generous and roses are sometimes code words for a happy ending massage. Another suggestion would be to ask how relaxed you would be at the end of a massage, depending ...
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