What Is a Heavy Saucepan?


A heavy saucepan is a type of cookware made from either metal or enamel and has a long handle and a lid. Heavy bottomed pans are used for frying as they heat the oil to a heat which is higher and are faster because they have a larger area to heat. They also have the ability to store more heat which makes cooking and browning more even.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Heavy Saucepan"
A saucepan is a deep sided cooking pot with one long handle that is intended to be used on top of a stove to cook food that requires boiling. They usually come with lids.
Saucepan (Noun) a metal pan with a long handle and often a lid, used for cooking food. ChaCha!
[Ar] Coarse, cylindrical flat-bottomed cooking vessel shaped like a saucepan without a handle, current in central southern England in the mid–late Iron Age.
saucepan: a deep pan with a handle
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