What Is a Hematologist?


A haematologist is a doctor who specializes in the diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs. This kind of doctor is concerned with the body's ability to carry oxygen, provide immunity from pathogens and prevent haemorrhage.
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[hee-muh-tol-uh-jee, hem-uh-]
the study of the nature, function, and diseases of the blood and of blood-forming organs.
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Dr. Acula. Calling Dr. Acula. Hematologists study the characteristics and functions of blood and blood-forming organs. Anyone that's ever had a finger pricked can understand the importance
Answer It's a doctor that specializes in blood, blood diseases and blood forming tissues.
1. Be prepared for at least 10 years of intense study. This is a wide field of medicine that treats more than blood disorders. Hematology also includes diagnosis and treatment of
( ′hē·mə′täl·ə·jəst ) (medicine) A specialist in the study of blood.
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A Hematologist is defined as a person, or doctor, that has studied the branch of hematology and has done the necessary things to become licensed in practicing ...
To become a hematologist, you will need to complete the entire course of medical school and graduate. You will then need to complete a residency in the field. ...
A haematologist doctor is a specialised medical professional who treats medical conditions which involve the blood. Some of the medical issues that they deal with ...
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