What is a hemorrhoid doctor called?


There is no one doctor that specifically treats hemorrhoids; several different types of doctors may be consulted depending on the circumstances. Treatment for hemorrhoids typically begins with the primary care physician, but patients are often referred to specialists. A gastroenterologist, who focuses on the digestive system, is sometimes consulted, and for severe cases, a colon and rectal surgeon is needed.

To determine the course of treatment, a doctor performs a visual and hands-on examination of the affected area. Sometimes a scope device must be inserted into the rectum to determine if any abnormality is present. A colonoscopy is conducted if the physician needs to gather further information. This happens in cases where there are signs of a disease of the digestive system, colorectal cancer is suspected, or the patient is over 50 years old and has not had the procedure recently.

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A proctologist specializes in hemorrhoids.
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If you have hemorrhoids, call the doctor immediately if you experience any of the following: Considerable bleeding Inability to urinate Fever Inability to have a bowel movement
A proctologist, more often referred to as a colorectal surgeon, is a
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