What Is a Herky?


A herky is an irregular and unpredictable movement that takes place in sudden brief spells. The word also portrays a displacement that is not even or graceful. The word is mostly used in relatively informal settings.
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A "herkie" is a cheerleading move named for cheerleading innovator Lawrence Herkimer (born 1925) The move is shown and described at the related link.
1. Stretch your muscles before doing the herkie. Sit with your legs in a straddle position and reach over to touch your toes. Keep your legs straight in the stretch. 2. Practice the
A cheerleading jump where one leg (usually your weakest) is bent towards the ground and your other
1 Stretch a lot. The more you stretch the better your herkie will be, and the better your chances to not pull a muscle. Ad 2 Stand straight and smile. 3 Count: 5, 6, 7, 8 then clasp
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A herkie is a cheerleading jump named after Lawrence Herkimer, the founder of the National Cheerleaders Association and former cheerleader at Southern Methodist ...
To do a herkie, you need to stretch a lot first. The more you stretch the better the herkie is going to be. Be careful not to stretch to much or you will pull ...
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