Heterogeneous Uterus?


Heterogenous uterus' is a phrase used to describe the appearance of the uterus after an ultrasound exam is done. This means that the ultrasound appearance of the uterus is not totally uniform. The two most common causes of heterogenous uterus are uterine fibroids, which are benign muscular growths in the uterine wall, and adenomyosis, which is a proliferation of the normal uterine glands into the muscular wall of the uterus.
Q&A Related to "Heterogeneous Uterus?"
Hi There heterogeneous just means that the texture of your uterus is not uniform. that can be because of fibroids Fibroid tumors Uterine fibroids . another common Common cold reason
A uterus is a female reproductive organ located by the mid line of the pelvic region. This is where a baby is carried throughout a woman's pregnancy.
A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture that is not evenly mixed. Heterogeneity (the noun) means the opposite of homogeneity, which means "uniformly distributed"
Typically, a woman's uterus is about the size of her fist or an orange. An enlarged uterus means just that-it's larger than normal. Most women will not know their uterus is enlarged
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