What Is a Heterotroph?


A Heterotroph is any living organism that cannot produce its own food and is dependent on complex organic substances for nutrition. It is unable to synthesize its own carbon-based compounds from inorganic sources; hence, it feeds on organic matter produced by, or available in, other organisms. All animals, some fungi and most bacteria are heterotrophs.
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A heterotroph is something that requires the organic compounds of carbon and nitrogen for survival and nourishments. Most animals, including humans are heterotrophs.
A heterotroph is any organism that requires organic subtrates in order to survive. Basically, a heterotroph is a consumer which must eat other animals and cannot produce its own food
Heterotrophic bacteria are abundant in the environment, especially water - including treated water and tap water. Due to its capacity to adapt itself to a malnourished environment
Unable to synthesize metabolic products from inorganic materials; requiring complex organic substances (growth factors) for nutrition.
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[het-er-uh-trof, -trohf]
Biology an organism requiring organic compounds for its principal source of food.
Source: Dictionary.com
Basically put, a heterotroph is an organism that cannot digest it's food independently. It needs a complex organic substance for nutrition.
A heterotroph is an organism that cannot produce its own food and must therefore ingest organic material in order to survive. Some heterotrophs eat plants, others eat meat, and some eat both. You can find more information here: http://science.jrank.org/pages/3329/Heterotroph.html
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Heterotrophs are completely dependent on gaining nourishment from other organisms. They cannot produce their own food. All animals are heterotrophs. ...
Heterotrophic organism refers to an organism that is unable to synthesize its own food therefore depend on organic matter for food. Examples of heterotrophic organisms ...
A Heterotroph is a consumer of other forms of life to produce energy. This could be any animal. Examples cat, mouse, dog, humans, tigers. The list could go ...
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