What Is a Highly Matrixed Organization?


A highly matrixed organization is an organizational management where skills and information flow horizontally. This is to say that human resource with the similar skill level are pooled together to work on projects or assignments as a team when dealing with either product development processes or large projects without necessarily dislodging them from their respective departments. With regards to reporting, the individual reports' backs to both the project leader as well as his or her departmental leader.
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Traditionally, organizations have used reporting structures where employees report to one manager, keeping valuable information, ideas and lessons learned trapped inside the department
A matrix organization is a structure that reflects the complexity of the modern business environment of multiple (often competing) priorities. In the past organizations often had
Superimposing a group or interdisciplinary team of project specialists, such as scientific and engineering personnel, on a functional organizational design. In a matrix organization
A matrix structure is when you design your organization using two or more grouping classifications simultaneously (e.g. geographical grouping and functional grouping) In this way,
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