What Is a Hobnocker Mean on Icarly?


Hobknocker has several technical meanings that don't actually apply to its use on iCarly. On the Nickelodeon show iCarly, one can determine that the word hobknocker is used to describe someone who is doing something illegal or gross.
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my friend said it means "sexy beast"
It is just a nickname created purely for the show
A hobnocker is someone that does something illegal and gross (not to be confused with "hobnobber, which is a cool and awesome geek) or. Someone who masturbates in a public bathroom
Urban Dictionary says hob nocker is something gross and illegal. The word is used on the show, iCarly
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On an episode of iCarly, guest David Archuleta was referred to as a 'hobknocker'. This word is of unknown origin, but some speculate that it means 'mischievous goblin'.
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Hobknocker is a slang term used to describe something that is regarded as very gross and illegal. This term is also used in reference to an individual who takes ...
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