Making Hockey Pucks?


A hockey puck is made of vulcanized rubber. Earlier, the players either used coal, a piece of wood or a ball while playing hockey, the first hockey puck was made in 1875 and was used in Montreal. Modern pucks are three inches in diameter, one inch in height and they weigh approximately 160 grams.
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Before the process of vulcanization was accidentally stumbled upon by Charles Goodyear in December 1839, rubber would become very brittle and break when it became cold and soft when
Hockey pucks are flat, solid, black disk-shaped objects made of vul...
The standard mass is between 160 grams and 170 grams. Some training and 'junior' pucks have masses between 100 grams and 900 grams, depending on what is being trained.
A puck is a hard black disk of vulcanized rubber used in ice hockey. A standard puck is 1 inch thick 3 inches in diameter and weighs between 5.5 & 6 oz
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What is a Hockey Puck Made of?
The hockey puck is a 3-by-1 inch disc made out of vulcanized rubber. Hockey pucks are very hard and slide easily over the frozen surface of the ice that the sport is played on. They are kept frozen before a game so that they will not bounce so much on... More »
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