What Is a Holeshot Win?


Hole shot win refers to the situation where a car with the fastest elapsed time did not cross the finish line first. In a race, that would be where the winning car had a slower elapsed time than the losing car. This occurs when the winning car and driver leave the starting line sooner than the losing car and even though it took longer to reach the finish line, it got there first and won as a result of the better start.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Holeshot Win"
a holeshot win is simply when driver #1 has a significantly better reaction time than driver #2 causing driver #1 to take the win before either car reaches the finish line.
A hole shot win is when the car with the fasted elapased time did not cross
It simply means that the guy that won left the starting line FIRST. When the green light came on, his car was the first car to start moving. He got the Holeshot! A holeshot win means
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