What Is a Hologram Used for?


Whenever photographic projections create a three-dimensional image, it is known as a hologram. Holograms appear to have depths where they require the use of light of a single exact wavelength and can also use lasers.
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What Is a Hologram Used for?
Holography is a form of photography requiring laser light. It is an art, science and technology used to create 3-dimensional images. Some holograms appear so real that you might be tempted to touch them, but your hand just goes through empty air. They... More »
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A hologram is a scientific technology and art used to create a 3-dimensional image. It includes artistic portraits, pictures and medical scans. The word is derived from Greek works 'holos' and 'gramma' meaning 'whole' and 'message' respectively.
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The easiest way to make a hologram these days is with a laser and a computer. You can laser pointers very efficientlt these days to create a hologram which can ...
Holograms work because the images you see are made with laser lights, which contains coherence. This allows waive lights to bring images to life together. ...
Holograms were invented as a way to help create images in 3-D instead of only having flat images. They are used on some credit cards and software packages to help ...
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