Become a Home Health Aide?

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What Is a Home Health Aide?
Home health aides assist patients in their homes and are an important part of a care-giving team for the elderly, chronically ill, disabled, or patients recovering from an illness or injury. Their work is demanding and often physical, and they are... More »
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Home health aides will perform many of the routine medical tasks that are performed by nurses in doctors' offices and hospitals. Checking and recording of vital statistics such as
1. Find out more about a home health aide’s job duties. As much as you may enjoy helping others, you should be aware that some of the job duties (cleaning bedpans and changing
what the role of a home health aide
Home health aides are employed by families with an elderly and/or disabled family member
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A home health aide is a trained and certified worker who provides health care to the sick, elderly or disabled people at their homes. They also provide personal care to patients and some household chores. The aides also keep an eye on the progress of those under their care.
A Home Health Aide is a person who provides individualized heath care to patients in their homes or in a care facility. His or her duties may include changing bandages and dressing wounds, giving medications to the elderly, convalescents or disabled people, and generally whatever else is needed for such patients. Home health aides usually work for companies that provide in-home assistance to ill, injured, elderly or disabled customers.
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