How do you become a home health aide?

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What Is a Home Health Aide?
Home health aides assist patients in their homes and are an important part of a care-giving team for the elderly, chronically ill, disabled, or patients recovering from an illness or injury. Their work is demanding and often physical, and they are... More »
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Home health aides will perform many of the routine medical tasks that are performed by nurses in doctors' offices and hospitals. Checking and recording of vital statistics such as
1. Recognize that work as a home health care aide can be stressful as well as being physically demanding. The job may entail helping ill patients and you may be exposed to communicable
Aides should have a desire to help people. They should be responsible, compassionate, patient, emotionally stable, and cheerful. In addition, aides should be tactful, honest, and
The general requirement before being hired by an agency is a
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  1. Earn a high school diploma

    It is possible to get a home health job without a high school diploma, but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that job opportunities are much greater with a diploma.

  2. Receive training

    College education is not required by employers, but a community college program is one path to training required in most states. Some states do not require any formal training prior to on-the-job training, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Whether it takes place prior to or at the onset of employment, training includes emphasis on providing personal hygiene, grooming care and basic health maintenance, such as changing bandages.

  3. Complete certification

    Certification requirements vary by state. Some states require certification while others do not. Employers often prefer certified candidates. Get certified with the National Association for Home Care & Hospice by documenting 75 training hours and passing a certification exam.

  4. Seek employment

    Armed with training and certification, seek employment opportunities with a home health service. Demonstrate interpersonal abilities, compassion and attention to detail.

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