Home Remedies for Colic?


A Home remedy for Colic is a simply a simple method of getting the baby to stop crying. There are several homemade remedies for these crying bouts for example, massages, watching their feeding and using white noise. These are some excellent home remedies that can work in dealing with colic and the crying spells that are associated with this condition.
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Colic and Crying Treatment
The American Pregnancy Association (APA) says the most effective way to treat and prevent colic is to hold your child as often as possible (APA, 2011). Holding your infant. . . More »
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Massage your baby's belly and below her naval during feedings, to help work out the gas. Feed your baby in an upright position. Avoid overfeeding. Burp often during feedings, not
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1 Change your diet . If you're breastfeeding, of course. If you cut out milk from your diet, it might help your baby's c
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1. Brew some fennel herbal tea. Fennel tea is a home remedy offered for babies who suffer from colic. The tea is make from the crushed seeds and given to the baby ...
Colic Calm is a homeopathic colic remedy, better known as gripe water. Colic Calm is FDA regulated, so it is entirely safe for infants and newborns. It also ...
1. Measure out a tablespoon of fennel into a tea-ball (metal tea strainer). Infuse tea ball into boiling water. Let steep for five minutes. Let cool until lukewarm ...
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