What is a homologue?


A homologue is a chromosome that has the same characteristics and traits with another that is inherited from different parents. A human being has 23 pairs of these homologous chromosomes, with each chromosome in a pair being inherited from each parent.
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A homologous structure refers to a body part or organ that is the same in another type of organism, whether or not they share the same function.
The similarity in-between different species and different phylogenetic groups that shows which ones are more closely related based on their amount of traits in common example/ similarities
( ′häm·ə′läg ) (genetics) One of a pair of homologous chromosomes. Also spelled homologue.
Homologue 1. One member of a chromosome pair. 2. A gene similar in structure and evolutionary
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[hoh-muh-lawg, -log, hom-uh-]
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