Examples of Homologous Structures?


A Homologous Structure is a body part that provides evidence that point to a common ancestral evolution. They are anatomical parts of a body that may have different functions but have the same structure. For example, the vertebrate limps.
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If a bat, a human, an alligator, and a penguin all evolved from a common ancestor, then they should share common anatomical traits. In fact, they do. Compare the forelimbs of the
Homologous Structure: A body part with the same basic structure
They are structures that two organisms share because they both inherited them from a common ancestor that ALSO had these structures. It is quite possible that the structures appear
Homologous structures are body parts that are alike because the species in question share a common ancestor. Example are Bird wings, homologous to human arms, report this answer.
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A homologous structure is when two organisms have a similar build. The similarities are usually due to ancestry that is shared between the organisms.
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