What Is a Hose Bibb?


A Hose Bibb is an outdoor faucet that supplies water needed for outdoor chores such as watering and washing. The hose bibbs connect to water supply in your home by means of a threaded end screwed onto the water-supply pipe. They have wide handles, which make them easy to turn.
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A hose bibb may be known as a spigot or faucet in your area. In any case, it is the valve to which you connect a garden hose.
1. Locate and turn off the water supply for the hose bibb you will be repairing. Check on the pipes leading up to the hose bibb for a water supply shut-off valve. They may be contained
(bĭb) n. Nautical. A bracket on the mast of a ship to support the trestletrees. A bibcock. [Alteration of BIB.]
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