What Is a Hovercraft Used for?


A hovercraft is a vessel that is used for transport during emergencies that are caused by natural disasters such as floods. They are also used for sport, and passenger services. Giant hovercrafts have civilian and military applications such as transporting of cars, tanks, and huge equipment to hostile environments and terrain.
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Hovercrafts are used for any transport situation where transition between a body of water and level ground is required or where the use of wheels or track are problematic. Air cushion
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Hovercrafts are vehicles that are able to travel across both land and water on a cushion of air. The cushion is produced by a fan continuously forcing air under the vehicle. Hovercrafts are used throughout the world as a specialised means of transport.
A hover craft is a type of vehicle that is supported on a cushion of air. They can be driven on a wide range of terrain, can travel on water and are often called Air-Cushion Vehicles. The hover craft was invented in 1952 by Sir Christopher Cockerel.
A hovercraft is a vehicle that has the ability to travel across both water and land on a cushion of air produced by downwardly directed fans. The air cushion is produced by a fan continuously propelling air under the vehicle resulting into motion.
A hovercraft is a craft that is capable of travelling over surfaces while supported by a cushion of slow moving, high-pressure air that is ejected against the surface below and is contained within a skirt. Hovercrafts are used as a means of transportation for loads or rescue missions on ice or the ocean.
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