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Hussar refers the lightly armed costumes that were worn by Hungarian troops. The light cavalry mainly sent out for reconnaissance, screening, skirmishing, raiding, and communications and as such did not need heavy armed costumes. They carried with them spears, swords and bows.
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(originally) one of a body of Hungarian light cavalry formed during the 15th century.
a member of a class of similar troops, usually with striking or flamboyant uniforms, in European armies.
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A hussar is a member of a European light cavalry unit; renowned for elegant dress.
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Hussar is one of a body of Hungarian light cavalry formed during the 15th century.
ummmm a hussars helmet. Actually the name and origin were taken from the Germans and called a pappenheim helmet.
hussar: a member of a European light cavalry unit
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Hussar refers to a Hungarian horseman of the light cavalry structured during the 15th century. The term may also refer to a member of any of similar, richly uniformed ...
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