What Is a Hybrid Computer?


A hybrid computer is a type of computer that is designed to provide the features and functions that are found by both the digital and the analog computers. A hybrid computer system offers a much cost effective method that is used to perform complex simulations.
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Hybrid computers consist of analog and digital components, analog computers are extremely fast, but not accurate, while digital components are extremely precise, just not fast, so
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( ′hī·brəd kəm′pyüd·ər ) (computer science) A computer designed to handle both analog and digital data. Also known as analog-digital
Hybrid computers are computers that comprise features of analog computers and digital computers. The digital component normally serves as the controller and provides logical operations
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hybrid computer
a computer system containing both analog and digital hardware.
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The Dell XPS 12 is an example of a hybrid computer, or convertible laptop. But, though they combine tablet and laptop technology, hybrid systems are not yet equal ...
An analog computer operates on inputs of continuously varying electrical voltages.In digital computers, mathematical expressions are represented as binary digits ...
Hybrid topology is a computer network that uses a combination of two or more topologies in such a way that the resulting network does not resemble one of the standard ...
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