Hydrated Crystal?


Hydrated crystals are chemical crystals that are made up of water as a component of both its chemical formula and crystal structure. Some crystalline substances are naturally found in anhydrous and hydrated states, and occasionally the anhydrous form will have a different colour or appearance than the hydrated form.
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A hydrated crystal in one that has water molecules trapped inside the crystal structure of some other compound, typically an ionic compound. The water is chemically combined with
A hydrated crystal is a crystal that contains water as part of its chemical formula and
An alum solution with water makes a very nice crystal and is hydrated. Check out this website with how to grow crystals: http://chemistry.about.com/cs/howtos/ht/…. In short
Hydrated crystals that lose their hydration at room temperature are called efflorescent crystals.
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A hydrated crystal will contain water as part of its structure and chemical formula. Sometimes it absorbs air from the atmosphere. An example would be epsom salt.
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