What is a hydrated crystal?


Hydrated crystals are chemical crystals that are made up of water as a component of both its chemical formula and crystal structure. Some crystalline substances are naturally found in anhydrous and hydrated states, and occasionally the anhydrous form will have a different colour or appearance than the hydrated form.
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Hydration is typcally described by scientists as something that is a solid compound which contains the elements of water within it. Hydration also means to supply water to a plant
A hydrated crystal is a crystal that contains water as part of its chemical
Gas hydrate structure is described by the U.S. Department of Energy as a cage like lattice of ice that traps molecules of methane inside. The ice forms in bands with the methane under
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A hydrated crystal will contain water as part of its structure and chemical formula. Sometimes it absorbs air from the atmosphere. An example would be epsom salt.
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