What is a hydrated ion?


A hydrated ion refers to a type of an ion that is surrounded by water molecules which are attracted to the opposite pole of the ion. The water may be driven off by heating the hydrated compound because it is not chemically bounded to the crystal.
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Water is a perfect hydrator, but kids often prefer flavored drinks like fruit juice or sports drinks like Gatorade. Medical City Children's Hospital of Dallas, in its May 2011 publication
Hydro = water Hydration is about the water levels in someone/something. Dehydrated = not enough water Rehydrate = to take in more water to compensate for water loss So in essance,
Trigonal bipyramid - dsp3. Octahedral - d2sp3.
The A. ion is the generic term for the conjugate base of an acid. The charge is balanced by an H. ion. The identity and formula of this ion depends on the acid, for example, if the
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