What are some of the hyena's predators?


Hyena's predators include lions, hunting dogs and other strange hyenas in their territories. Lions usually attack hyena's at any opportunity they get. Hyena's belong to the family Hyaenidae, a feliform suborder of the Carnivora.
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Predation is the term used to describe one animal, hunting, killing and eating another for survival. The animal being hunted is described as the prey.
the hyena lives in africa and asia. it is part cat part dog and it won't usually hunt its own food it eats remains of a lion or leopards meal.
Deer are typically herbivores, consuming only vegetation. Herbivores are organisms that feed on vegetation as their source of nutrition. Common examples of food sources include flowers
hyenas are related to dogs.
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Hyenas barely have any natural predators; the largest threat is man.
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