Hypoechoic Nodule in Breast?


Hypoechoic nodule is a term that is normally used to refer to black spot in the human breast. It is seen as a form of cell diffentiation and is one of the signs that are normally looked for when testing for breast cancer.
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A region in an ultrasound image in which the echoes are weaker or fewer than normal or in the surrounding regions
Dear Karen, I am sorry to hear about your problem. I am sure you are very concerned. But I am glad that the doctors are working fast. They will know a lot more from the biopsy. In
Yes and no.you need to have them check. Some will disappear in two or three months. But, do get them check out.
Cysts that develop on the thyroid gland are called hypoechoic nodules. Hypoechoic nodules can cause the thyroid gland to become under active, which may lead to extreme fatigue. Hypoechoic
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