What Is a Impromptu Speech?


An impromptu speech is a speech that is delivered on the spur of the moment, with little or no preparation, off-the-cuff. Impromptu speaking events are debate and speech consolation events that involve eight minute speeches.
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1. Decide which direction you want to go with your topic. This may have to be done as you're walking to the front of the room. Determine if you should try to be humorous or serious.
The downside of impromtu sharing are the consistency and the continuity in presenting ideas.
1. To easily interpret your quotation and make a plausible argument and analysis, ask yourself questions. For example, why was this said? What possible situation made this quotation
An impromptu speech is a speech given without any type of preparation made regarding the
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What is an Impromptu Speech?
Learn all about situations when you may be called on to give an impromptu speech and how to do it well with expert tips in this free public speaking video.... More »
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