What is an inclined plane?


An inclined plane is a simple machine. It has a surface that is slanting. It is said to form a horizontal plane that forms any kind of angle except for the right angle. A slide in the kid's play ground is an example of an inclined plane. You can find more information here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/inclined+plane
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The inclined plane is one of six simple machines of antiquity. Inclined planes were used to lift bricks during the building of the Great Pyramids, to power ancient water wheels and
You help a buddy move, and he rents a moving truck. To load or unload the truck, you take the ramp out, attach it to the rear of the truck and let it slope to the ground. The ramp
n. A plane set at an angle to the horizontal, especially a simple machine used to raise or lower a load by rolling or sliding.
The two types of Inclined planes are wedges and screws. Call from your cell
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inclined plane
one of the simple machines, a plane surface inclined to the horizon, or forming with a horizontal plane any angle but a right angle.
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